White Stripes new song/video, Icky Thump

Check out the new video here. Supposedly, it’s a commentary on our immigration situation. I still can’t get past the name….


  1. Eryn



    uh …huh …. ok….. so the video is a bit of weirdo-trip awesomeness … the song itself? just weirdo.

  2. gnosys



    Weird = yes. Good = yes. Good guitars. Lyrics are good too. If you go to their myspace page, they have an image with the lyrics to this song. Gonna see them live in July, hopefully.

    What do you think of Velvet Revolver’s new video/song? Thought it was different as well. They’ve changed their CD cover again. Same color theme as Contrabrand 🙁 – check it out at amazon.com

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