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Hot Lixx Hulahan Wins 2008 World Air Guitar Championship

http://hpgnetwork.com/remombo/5239 Less than two weeks after claiming the US Air Guitar Championship, Hot Lixx Hulahan has been crowned the World Air Guitar Champion.

http://emilymarchblog.com/maglayd/763 Watch this video for Bjorn Turoque’s behind the scenes footage of the competition.

site de rencontre adultaire Hot Lixx, a 2 time US Champion, takes the 2nd ever World title for the US. C-Diddy won in the US’s inaugural year in the 2003 competition, as documented in Air Guitar Nation.

site de rencontre personnes divorcées Perhaps I should go check out his real guitar skills in one of his bands- Rocket Queens (G ‘n R tribute band!) or Love Songs

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