The Hard Rock Chick Wants to Know: Who or what are your biggest influences? No one works in a vacuum. Nowadays, we have the world at our fingertips, and we can consume as much information and entertainment as our little hearts desire. This means that musical influences can run the gamut. I asked a few bands what influences them:

view it now Who or what are your biggest influences? “Our influences are far and few between. Personally, I love Depeche Mode, Ace of Base, 60’s girl bands like the Shangri-La’s, The Sonics, Burial…jeez the list goes on and on, but I think that Lilofee in itself is really influenced by its surroundings and by the experiences that both Rob and I have had. Every song is a story based on a real experience, and the sounds and words all come together to try and illustrate a moment in time that has already passed. So I guess I would say that the biggest influences on Lilofee are the stories that define our life.”

rencontre japonaise celibataire -Kimi, Lilofee

brasilianerin kennenlernen lilofee “Us. When you’re as great as we are, we could pretty much spend all day staring at ourselves in the mirror, singing our own praises. We even wrote a song about it (‘Mirror, Mirror’). Seriously – why would we give credit to anyone besides ourselves for inventing something as perfect as we are? Charity? Welfare? Pity? Sorry, kids – the Yuppie Pricks don’t play that. Out.”

hop over to this site -The Yuppie Pricks yp

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