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Follow Ilan Rubin, drummer for NIN, on Twitter

site de rencontre 18 ans gratuit The list of musicians utilizing twitter is growing. ir

site rencontre photographe modele Ilan Rubin, the new drummer for NIN, has a twitter now. Follow him and get his updates while he’s on the road here.

see this here His updates so far:

annonce de rencontre sérieuse 1. NIN show number one was a complete success! I feel fantastic and can’t wait for the next one. Unfortunately I have to wait a few days… 3:33 AM Feb 17th from web

plongeur rencontre tortue 2. Tonight will be my NIN debut and I’m anxiously awaiting show time. It better be flawless, that’s all I have to say. 3:47 PM Feb 16th from web

rencontres vraiment gratuites 3. My last day before my first NIN show and I can’t wait. I feel like I’m fully prepared and wish I could fast forward time and get to it. 2:12 AM Feb 16th from web

rencontre femme a kinshasa 4. I walked around Auckland for a few hours today and really enjoyed it. An ok description would be as if the UK and an Asian city had a kid 7:26 PM Feb 14th from web

site de rencontre gratuit 33 badoo 5. I’m packing for my first NIN tour which starts in NZ of all places. Its gonna be good… 11:03 AM Feb 13th from mobile web

I asked if he’d live tweet during shows like Tim Alexander recently did at the Puscifer shows, but no such luck :).

  1. floodfx 10 years ago

    where is your boy TR? seems like he'd be all over this twitter phenomenon…

  2. hardrockchick 10 years ago

    You obviously haven't been reading HRC much:

  3. afroyoursamurai 10 years ago

    i really like Ilan's solo album. he's really talented.

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