HRC's Top 5 Craziest Concert Moments of 2009

what to write for first message online dating It’s a questions I’m frequently asked:

visit homepage “So, HRC….I bet you see some crazy stuff at all those wild shows you go to….what’s the craziest thing you saw?” Well, here you go: 5. Bloody tambourine battle at NIN/JA Santa Barbara where my hair tried to intervene. LMAO at the comment.

free online match making in malayalam 4. Psyclon Nine set their drums on fire! I looked for the closest exit just in case….

rencontres flers 61 3. Willie Nelson plays to a barrier lined with Hell’s Angels and someone throws a large sack of weed on stage.

flirter han test 2. Mortis of Marduk slam dunks a guy who ran onstage into the crowd.

j'ai rencontre mon mec sur tinder 1. The ballsy guitarist from Mystic Knights of the Cobra plays almost entirely naked for the whole set in a basement in a remote part of San Francisco on a random Tuesday night for about 10 people…me being one of the only girls. Oh, and the band that played after wears diapers and dildos.

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