HardRockChick interviews Black Breath

I spoke with members of Black Breath before they took the stage last night in SF, opening for Converge. Topics included their band name, Mexican tacos, an epileptic roadie, and their upcoming slot at Maryland Death Fest.

HardRockChick interviews Black Breath from hardrockchick on Vimeo.

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  1. bobbykhan



    hey jamie hard rock chick..hi- im the roadie that Black Breath was talking about in that interview. those guys rule,they were amazing about what happened,and i just wanted to put that out there. that was pretty severe,having a mad grand mal seizure in your sleep sucks eggs to put it lightly. thanx to them for everything,even if jamie does leave his half eaten bowls of bologna and raisins all over the house,hes still badass as fukk. ive followed your blog for a while and i hope things work out for you in austin….

    • hardrockchick



      Hi Bobby! So good to hear from you. Glad you are doing better, my cameraman and I were very concerned when we heard your story. Thanks for your well wishes and hope to catch you guys in Austin sometime!

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