MJØD (Mead): Kvelertak @ University of London Union, 4/20/11

The first thing I did when I woke up on the 20th of April needs no explanation whatsoever: Stonehenge: so iconic within the metal world. While the structure itself isn’t exactly as innately impressive as many of the others I saw on my trip: The Coliseum, The Pantheon, Pompeii; it’s when you stand back, use […]

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Metamorphosis | Evile studio visit, Kettering, England 4/18-19/11

“I search among the layers Reaching beyond what lives out there These trials I have to take I tread the wild lands awake I’ve been where others dwell They know not where I go Possessed by deeper sense Eternal life a quest intense” ~Metamorphosis, Evile It was exactly one year ago to the day that […]

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Drive Fast, Take Chances: Acid King @ Purple Turtle, Camden, London, 4/17/11

When I stepped off the plane, English seemed like a foreign language. Two and a half weeks navigating foreign lands….it doesn’t sound like much, but when you go nonstop like me, I felt like I deserved a medal….and some metal. Well, I did get a medal of sorts, because my friend who I stayed with […]

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Den Siste: Black Metal Norway

As a child, I had an unhealthy obsession with horror films. From epic thrillers like The Shining, classics like Psycho, cult favorites like Evil Dead, the sequeled to death Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the Thirteenth, to slasher films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, anything that looked interesting at the video store, like Chopping Mall, […]

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Science of Anger: Shrinebuilder, Buckaduzz @ Betong, Oslo, Norway, 4/14/11

It is very cliché of me to say that as a freshman in college, I went from being a kid to an adult. But perhaps less cliché is that I remember the exact moment it happened. I was sitting in an Astronomy class entitled ‘Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life’. The quintessentially nerdy professor puts on a […]

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cold, dark, and beautiful

Wilderness Heart: Black Mountain, Spindrift @ Parkteatret, Oslo, Norway, 4/12/11

Somewhere between getting out of paying 100 Euro in baggage overages to Ryan Air for the second time, and spying my first Viking-looking Norwegian plane mate, I got little-girl-on-Christmas-morning excited. Unfortunately, when you travel alone, there isn’t anyone to share your excitement with….and I had banned myself from my iPhone for the most part. When […]

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babyshambles: failure in Berlin

Less than 24 hours in Berlin. I tacked on a night in Berlin to my Germany excursion because I wanted to see the city of so much history, controversy, and inspiration while I was ‘in the neighborhood’. Approximately a six hour train journey from Frankfurt, it would mark the beginning of the truly by myself […]

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All That She Wants: Knorkator @ Neue Stadthalle Langen, Frankfurt, Germany, 4/10/11

After a day of very unique hiking all around Stuttgart, we hopped on a train for an hour plus journey to Frankfurt. After settling into our hotel, it wasn’t long before we had to find our way to the venue. When you travel like this, it feels like a good 25% of your time involves […]

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Frei Zu Sein (To Be Free): In Extremo, Fiddler’s Green @ Arena Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart, Germany, 4/9/11

How does one find themselves banging their head to a band they barely know speaking in a language they don’t know at all in one of Germany’s lesser traveled to cities with someone they’ve only met once, briefly? It was a product of several wish list items coming together at once with a dash of […]

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