In Like The Rose: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Del Mar Race Track, 7/29/11

Everything always has to happen at the same time. We were all set to spend a weekend in Seattle when it was announced that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club would be playing a show at…a race track….in San Diego.  Next thing you know, we’re adjusting flights and hotels, because when your band plays anywhere within a […]

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Weak and Powerless

Thirteenth Step: A Perfect Circle @ The Gibson Amphitheater

I didn’t think it could get any better than the three November Avalon shows. After hearing each album in it’s entirety, I went into this show feeling like it might be a bit anticlimactic.  I got to see the near original line up in a fairly intimate venue play every song….now what? But what I […]

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Superunknown: Soundgarden, The Mars Volta @ The Forum, 7/22/11

You never have a relationship with an album like you do when you’re young. As you get older, everything you encounter is compared to what you experienced before it. There’s this sweet spot in every music lover’s life when they make a transition from things their parents or siblings listen to, to seeking out things […]

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Death to All But Metal: Steel Panther, Transkuntinental, Neo Geo @ House of Blues Sunset, 7/18/11

“I’m on the list.” “That’ll be $5 per person” “No, you don’t understand…I’m on The List”. “But you’re not on That List” There’s nothing like having a group of 5 of your friends start snickering at your list drama, when you’ve been like ‘oh sure, I’ve got a hook up for Steel Panther….let’s go, it’ll […]

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Surface: Uncle Paul Fest- Imperative Reaction, Suffer Well @ some mechanic’s shop in Santa Ana, 7/17/11

Somewhere deep in LA pop culture history will lie the memories of the weekend of what was deemed ‘Carmaggedon‘. I started hearing about it as soon as I arrived, and the hysteria the week leading up to it was mind numbing. My opinion on the matter was this: every day on an LA freeway there […]

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Appetite For Destruction: Adler’s Appetite @ The Key Club, 7/16/11

“When you’re high, you never ever wanna come down…” I will perhaps spend my whole life seeing pieces of the bands I love the most, because I never got to see them in their prime. I’m at ground zero for the music scene I first fell for, deep in the Sunset Strip under the fading […]

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HardRockChick interviews Acrassicauda

July 13, 2011 | I spoke with Faisal and Firas of Acrassicauda at their rehearsal space in Anaheim a couple days before they embarked on the second leg of their U.S. tour. They talked about their favorite road food, progress on their upcoming album, and how they REALLY need to get a new drum set!

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Tempting Time: Animals As Leaders, Intronaut, Dead Letter Circus, Last Chance to Fate, Evan Brewer @ Key Club, 7/10/11

“How did you get into metal music?” This is a frequently asked question, and my usual answer is that I always have been. But I think it’s more interesting to analyze specifically how the obsession started and how it morphed into what it is today, as I stood in front of a three piece playing […]

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Shadow’s Keeper: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Doll Factory, 7/9/11

“The shadow’s creepin’, only one way left to go You hit the bottom where the silence only grows It’s never alone…” I remember adding this event to my calendar like it was yesterday but it was really a couple months ago which doesn’t sound long but it feels like an eternity because life is moving […]

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Heavy Metal in Hollywood: Acrassicauda @ The Whiskey A Go Go, 7/7/11

When I saw the documentary Heavy Metal In Baghdad a couple years ago, mouth agape, I never thought I would actually see them in person. It would be my first time to the famed Whiskey A Go Go, an American icon in live music…and it was strange to me that it was to see a […]

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