My Last Attack: Holy Grail @ Sound Bite Studios, 10/28/11

Remember that Halloween where we dressed up as vikings and named ourselves Hellga, Amartha, and Thorhalla and went to this studio in Silverlake and drank vodka crans out of plastic cups amongst a bunch of interestingly painted mannequin busts and watched Holy Grail play and the singer was a zombie and the guitarist was Carlos […]

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The Fire and The Fury: Firewind, Arsis, and White Wizzard @ The Whisky, 10/27/11

It would be my last show on The Strip for a while. I was already getting sentimental as I drove there, speeding as my car hugged the familiar curves of the convenient 15 minute trek. As I got to the parking lot I always use, the attendent that I’ve become friendly with over the past […]

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One Man Revolution: The Nightwatchman, Stoll Vaughan @ The Troubadour, 10/25/11

Once upon a time, I was a very politically-minded individual. Throughout school I was heavily into activism, whether it be letter writing for anti animal experimentation in the cosmetics industry, being on the winning debate team for legalizing marijuana and in support of Kevorkian’s assisted suicide, and various pro-choice campaigns and efforts in support of […]

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I’m Your Biggest Fan (part 2)

Read Part 1 here. How do you consume music from your artist? What format (CD, MP3, vinyl), where do you buy, do you buy singles/full albums/special editions, do you pre-order/buy first day of release/use a streaming service? “I used to buy every release and past release on cd’s, now, with technology evolving, it’s a big […]

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HardRockChick Interviews Brian Lew, Co-Author of Murder In The Front Row

I met Brian Lew through the metal scene when I was living in San Francisco. I’ve since become an avid reader of his blog, ümlaut, over the years. Beyond it always being quite interesting to read his take on a show that I also happened to see, I have always loved reading about his personal […]

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Ain’t No Easy Way: AllSaints Not For Sale / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Music Box, 10/24/11

Somehow I inherited my mother’s Catholic guilt. The question I most often ask myself is, “am I doing the right thing”. Sure, a lot of this stems from living a weird lifestyle that needs an FAQ because I do not have simple answers to life’s most simple questions: Where do you live? What do you […]

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I’m Your Biggest Fan (part 1)

Something I always try to keep in mind when writing my site is that I always wanted to capture what it feels like to be at a show from a fan’s perspective. There are few roles in life that I’ve identified with as much as being a fan of music; it has defined me in […]

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Majesty and Decay: Immolation, Jungle Rot @ Chain Reaction, 10/22/11

This was one of those nights where there were just too many options for shows to go to…Judas Priest in San Bernadino…Anthrax in downtown LA…Primus at the Wiltern. After weighing the options, I decided on the less obvious one: Immolation at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. Sometimes you just want to take the road less traveled; […]

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Still Life: Opeth, Katatonia @ Mayan Theater, 10/19/11

I will be the first to admit that a) I am not an audiophile as people expect me to be and b) I don’t have the greatest taste in music. It took me a long time to ‘get’ Opeth. I had heard of them for years, but every time I tried to listen, I found […]

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Fashion Forward: Run Through the Desert, RT n the 44s @ Siren Studios, 10/16/11

Apparently last week was LA Fashion Week. I literally lead a one note life; all of my cultural activities are music related; art and fashion generally don’t make their ways onto my calendar. However, when invited to a fashion + music event that I can walk to from my bungalow, I’m in! I didn’t think […]

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