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Ain’t Fit To Live Here: Graveyard, Radio Moscow, Eagle Claw @ Mohawk, 1/25/12

Early that morning I was launched out of bed by thunder and lightning shaking everything around me. The flickering luminescence caused by the lightning cracking down was repeatedly followed by the thunder that shook me to my core as I thought a tornado was headed for me. Mother nature is a beast. But luckily she […]

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Souls of Black: NAMM Jam- Testament, Jackyl @ The Grove Anaheim, 1/20/12

It was to be my second year at NAMM; and this year I was prepared. A room at the Hilton, comfortable shoes, and an expectation to be really overwhelmed made things just seem much easier this year, as I wandered the convention center chatting with various friends and gawking at arrays of shiny instruments. Last […]

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Lateralus: Tool, Intronaut @ Mandalay Events Center Las Vegas, 1/15/12

“Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind. Withering my intuition, missing opportunities and I must Feed my will to feel my moment drawing way outside the lines.” January is always the strangest month of the year. It’s supposed to be all about new beginnings, where we stop doing this and start doing […]

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Running In Circles: Russian Circles, The Roller @ Red 7, 12/31/11

I loathe New Year’s. But when in good company of both bands and friends, I discovered that it can be alright. Dinner ran late, and we had to navigate the horrifying crime scene that Sixth Street was quickly becoming. It was swiftly approaching midnight, and I swore that if I was stuck between douchebags and […]

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Killdozer @ Emo’s Original, 12/30/11

It’s the day before the last day of the year. It’s when reflection overload causes you to vow to make changes in your life, which generally mean stopping or starting to do something. Unfortunately this year, along with all of those resolutions came the closing of an Austin institution, Emo’s. I’ve been attending shows at […]

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Recoil: A month off in Asia and Australasia

Well, the two month sabbatical is over. With the exception of writing a couple GRAMMY blogs from Cambodia and New Zealand, I kept off the computer as much as possible. Did I completely escape from thinking about music like I was going to write about it for two months? Hell no! – As I was […]

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