Spell Eater: Huntress @ Dirty Dog, 3/25/12

I left the formal affair that was Experience Hendrix to walk down the street to the grittier side….my side…for a show I had only been tipped off to hours before. I remember years ago, someone sending me a link to the EP for Huntress, a female fronted metal band with a lot of fantasy elements […]

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Are You Experienced? Experience Hendrix @ Moody Theater, 3/25/12

When I was a preteen, I became the biggest fan of the 27 Club. I didn’t realize that at the time, of course, and Kurt Cobain wasn’t dead yet. But right beside my obsession with Nirvana was that of Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix. I think that my parents- who only listened to […]

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trash talk

Feast of the Damned: SXSW 2012 – Black Breath, Shining, Audrey Horne, Nachtmystium, Trash Talk, Gypsyhawk, Intronaut, The Atlas Moth, Hull, Holy Grail, Early Graves, Pallbearer, The Black Ryder, Speedwolf, and more

My previous two years of SXSW coverage have taken you on my journey show by show…but this year was a little atypical for me. Instead I’m gonna combine it all into one highlight reel. Before I begin, here are a few general thoughts about SXSW 2012: > Every year it seems like things are more […]

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SXSW12 – De Vermis Mysterris: High on Fire, Star & Dagger, Iron Tongue, Eagle Claw, and Venomous Maximus @ Emo’s, 3/13/12

Ah, the beginning of SXSW. As I walked around during the day, I saw the noticeable changeover in people as the Interactive portion of the festival gave way for Music. The Google branded house on my street now has a Funnel Cake vendor out front…and that about says it all. I’ve been bitching and moaning […]

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These Are My Twisted Words: Radiohead @ Frank Erwin Center, 3/7/12

“What the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here.” The summer of 1993 is what I often think of as the first branching path in my life; the point where if I’m having a hardcore life evaluation, I go back to as when everything changed. It was the summer when my parents moved […]

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Agony of the Damned: The Casualties, Toxic Holocaust @ White Rabbit San Antonio and Red 7 Austin, 3/2-3/12

All work and no play makes HardRockChick a dull girl. 2012 has been the busiest year so far for me professionally and personally; I’ve been ‘head down’ working since the year started. But Friday I wrapped up several projects, giving me about a week and a half before SXSW insanity begins. This perfectly aligned with […]

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Of Sins and Shadows: Symphony X, Iced Earth, Warbringer @ Emo’s East, 2/28/12

I recently watched the Metal Evolution series. I’m a huge fan of Sam Dunn’s anthropological lens that he brings to music, which is in line with how I like to think about things. I watched him uncomfortably learn about some genres he wasn’t super into – glam, nu-metal- and thought about what subgenres of metal […]

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