Love On the Rocks: The Darkness, The Virgin Wolves @ House of Blues Dallas, 5/27/12

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a show that blew me away, and indulged in the whole ‘drop everything and follow them to the next town’ thing. It was Memorial Day weekend. I had just somehow experienced my first ever Dallas show a few days prior…and here I was again, going back for more. […]

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Dancin’ on a Friday Night: The Darkness, Girl in a Coma @ Stubb’s, 5/25/12

“Hey you! Do you remember me? I used to sit next to you at school We indulged in all the extra-curricular activities We weren’t particularly cool” Way back in 2004 The Darkness were coming to Stubb’s and I was finishing up grad school. Most people thought they were a joke band, I thought they were […]

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I Am Free: The Dandy Warhols, 1776 @ House of Blues Dallas, 5/23/12

About a month and a half ago my heart sank as I hung up the phone after agreeing to go on a project in New York City that would cause me to miss seeing one of my favorite bands – The Dandy Warhols – play in Austin. But finally…I made a mature decision to work […]

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HardRockChick Interviews The Fabulous Miss Wendy

I interviewed Wendy of The Fabulous Miss Wendy, guitarist and songwriter from LA. Topics include a get well card from Fastball, proving herself as a female guitarist, cultivating fans, her kickstarter experience, and her career philosophy.!/TheFabMissWendy

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Anthology: Thrice, Animals As Leaders @ Emo’s, 5/10/12

I’ve never had to park this far away from Emo’s in the 502 times I’ve been here in the past month! I’ve never seen so many boys at a show in the 502 metal shows I’ve been to here in the past month! I’ve never…. It was Thrice’s farewell tour, and Emo’s was packed. Truth: […]

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Jumpdafuckup: Soulfly, Incite, Lody King @ Emo’s, 5/8/12

In metal, there have always been subgenres that end up being….picked on. Glam metal….grunge….and in particular, nu metal. When nu metal started becoming popular in 1995, it seemed a very natural evolution for me. I bought Doggystyle with The Black Album…License to Ill with Dirt. I was a kid who had grown up with hip […]

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Ocean Size: Jane’s Addiction, The Duke Spirit @ Lila Cockrell Theater, 5/7/12

“wish I was ocean size they cannot move you no one tries no one pulls you out from your hole like a tooth aching a jawbone” Certain bands will always remind me of particular times in my life. Even though I’d been a near lifelong fan, I never saw Jane’s Addiction until Spring of 2009. […]

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Save Yourself: Overkill, God Forbid, SuidAkrA @ Emo’s, 5/5/12

I walk into Emo’s to SuidAkrA on stage and an oddly civil and organized audience, standing in self-appointed rows. I’ll have to admit I was expecting the worst. Cinco de Mayo, the drinking holiday, could make for a mess of a crowd. But as I slithered by to my usual standing place, I was surprised […]

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