The Catechism of Depression: False, Mournful Congregation, Velnias @ 5 Star Bar, 9/25/12

“Impure is the secret that all men speak Impurity is the secret……” ~The Catechism of Depression, Mournful Congregation It was one of those days where I never fully woke up, and I’ll admit that the drive downtown alone on the first chilly night of the year to listen to some of the most depressing music […]

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The Mental Tyrant: Yob, Norska, Cormorant @ Down and Out, 9/20/12

Down & Out in downtown Los Angeles. I’m loving living in LA. And I’m reminded of this tonight, as I drive from the sunshiny sprawling seduction of Hollywood to the gritty anti-glam of downtown. We round the corner of the Down & Out, and the entire street is full of production crew trucks. Typical. The […]

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Some Kind of Sad: Ringo Deathstarr @ Echoplex, 9/19/12

“Why isn’t anyone here?” 10 minutes later and a trek down a homeless person addled stairway to the other entrance and back. “How did so many people suddenly get here?” “I don’t know when the last time I waited in line for a show was.” “Everyone here is so young!” “Why does everyone smoke!?” It […]

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Chris Barnes / Six Feet Under | Photo Credit: Dirt Junior

Seed of Filth: Scion/Metal Blade present Six Feet Under, Cattle Decapitation, Battlecross, Gypsyhawk, and Pilgrim @ The Glass House Pomona, 9/15/12

We’re crawling down the 101, giggling furiously because a Four Runner full of frat boys are pointing at us, one going to the extreme of hanging out the window waving horns in the air and tearing off his shirt. I’m not kidding. The temperature gauge kept climbing higher, and higher, and higher as we traveled […]

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Mer: Chelsea Wolfe @ Echoplex, 9/14/12

I’ve had the same conversation many times lately, some with fellow writers, some with the makers of the music itself: “I’m kinda burned out on metal.” As I walked through the doors of the Echoplex with a friend I think I’ve only been to metal shows with, I’ll have to admit it felt odd at […]

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Shall We Take A Turn? Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow, Tyr @ Whisky A Go Go, 9/12/12

A couple of times a year for the past few years I’ve found myself amidst the multi-instrumental, festive, communal experience that is Folk Metal. It is still about as foreign to me as the lands from which these bands come from, but I find the whole song and dance really endearing. The historical Whisky A […]

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Mike Williams of eyehategod / photo credit: Dirt Junior

Blank: eyehategod, Lack of Interest, Nausea @ Los Globos, 9/3/12

“Broken Heads Brainwashed Hatred Pulls Me Through In Your Mind Instinct For Survival Censored Views Trick And Confuse It Began Just As I Knew It Would Black And Blue Crayon Scratches” ~”Blank”, eyehategod Greetings from sunny Los Angeles. Consider this the beginning of a new, exciting chapter of HardRockChick, where instead of popping up all […]

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