A Great Mass of Death: Septicflesh, Krisiun, Melechesh, Ex Deo, Inquisition @ Key Club, 10/28/12

Emerging from a grim locale in the…Hollywood Hills, two girls in corpse paint crawled into a menacing….camaro and drove in the bleak…..broad daylight to the tune of Gorgoroth. We had been looking forward to this Inquisition set for months; and every source told us it would begin at 5:50pm. Being that the Key Club has […]

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Converge / Photo Credit: Internal Arts Photo

All We Love We Leave Behind: Converge, Torche, Nails, Kvelertak @ The Glass House Pomona, 10/27/12

I gotta say, there’s nothing like leaving the house looking like this: …and getting picked up by two chicks that look like this: I love Halloween. I was Murmaider…yes, the Dethklok song. No one got it, but that’s ok. I’m used to being misunderstood. An hour later, we were in the suburb of Pomona, amongst […]

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Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us: The Darkness @ Club Nokia, 10/24/12

I wrote about The Darkness for the GRAMMY site…you can see the edited version of what’s below here. Haha. I’m standing at the front of Club Nokia shrouded in darkness. Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys are Back in Town” is blasting over the speakers. The lights go up, and 4 tall lanky British figures emerge on […]

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Baptism: Crystal Castles @ Palladium, 10/20/12

I’m walking from my place down Argyle, past the douchiest of douchey clubs. Hordes of women teetering on heels that they can’t walk in, wearing dresses that reveal their other hairstyle, draped on men that look shallower than a kiddie pool….it all grossed me out. The Palladium is a zoo. I love this place, and […]

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The Ultra-Violence: Death Angel, Threat Signal @ Whisky-A-Go-Go, 10/19/12

I zipped into the Whisky and around the crowd to the corner of the stage just in time for Threat Signal to come on. It was Friday night, and this week was ROUGH so I was ready to blow off some steam, and couldn’t think of any better way than watching this group of dudes […]

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Volcano + The Sea: Free Dominguez @ Viper Room, 10/18/12

In the dark, cavernous space that is the Viper Room, I listened to the amazing guitar tones coming from Pelle Hillstrom, guitarist for Teleskopes. I’m aware of him from NIN alumnus Alessandro Cortini’s ModWheelMood. I’m digging the melodies, but it’s a real distraction when screens above your head and in your peripheral vision of the […]

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You Can’t Kill Rock And Roll: HardRockChick Interviews Randy Rhoads author Andrew Klein

I recently finished reading the impressive coffee table worthy book Randy Rhoads. If, by the end of reading this, you don’t wish that you had known him or seen him live, something must be wrong with you. This book will give hardcore fans a complete picture of this rock star that went away much to […]

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How Music Works: LA Library Aloud Series presents a Discussion with David Byrne and Trent Reznor @ Japanese American Cultural Center, 10/14/12

I think I had maybe been living in LA for two days when this event popped up. There’s no better validation for moving to LA than the sudden one-off opportunity to see your music hero (even though he is a big meanie and has put my favorite band on hiatus) for the first time in […]

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Graveyard Mosh: Ghoul, Dr. Know @ The Key Club, 10/12/12

“Where’s the rest of your troublemakers?” OK, you know you go to The Rainbow too much when The Bouncer recognizes your car and wonders where the rest of your crew is when you get out of it alone. No trouble for me tonight. I scurried off to the long line outside the Key Club, where […]

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Express Yourself: Madonna @ Staples Center, 10/11/12

You will never understand what Madonna meant to a little girl unless you were born around 1980. What’s above is an admittedly embarrassing picture of me at either 6 or 7 years old wearing a 1987 “Who’s That Girl?” World Tour t-shirt that is much too big for me. I did not go to that […]

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