I’m Your Biggest Fan (Part 3)

Part 1 “Being a hardcore fan” Part 2 “Music, Concerts, and Merch” Do you participate in your artist’s social networking efforts? What do you like/not like about this? What is your favorite way to stay informed about them? Are you active or a passive/lurker type? Does your artist communicate back to you? “I use Twitter, […]

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I’m Your Biggest Fan (part 2)

Read Part 1 here. How do you consume music from your artist? What format (CD, MP3, vinyl), where do you buy, do you buy singles/full albums/special editions, do you pre-order/buy first day of release/use a streaming service? “I used to buy every release and past release on cd’s, now, with technology evolving, it’s a big […]

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I’m Your Biggest Fan (part 1)

Something I always try to keep in mind when writing my site is that I always wanted to capture what it feels like to be at a show from a fan’s perspective. There are few roles in life that I’ve identified with as much as being a fan of music; it has defined me in […]

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The How, What, and Why of HRC at the GRAMMYs

I was sitting in my room at my parent’s house in Texas writing this review at about 2am when an email popped up from someone from the Recording Academy. She said she wanted to speak with me about my site and a program they are putting together for the 52nd Annual GRAMMYs. My thought: they […]

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Contemporary Live Music Photography

‘A picture’s worth a thousand words’. As a writer, this phrase always makes me a little sad…..but it is often true. Think of some of the iconic live shots of bands. They always convey not only the moment, but the personality of the band, and even the sentiment of the era. The way that concert […]

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HRC's Musings: Coming Soon

Quite a few people have asked me what I’m going to do now that the NIN shows are over. The immediate answer is ‘I don’t have a clue’. A lot of HRC’s real estate went to NIN news and shows. It feels sad all on its own, and it makes me sadder when people feel […]

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The Actor turned Musician…another look

I’ve blogged about this before…and now there’s a whole new breed of mostly WTF actors trying to be singers. So we’ll start with a good one- I was sent this youtube link, and the PR person never even name dropped who it is- so I watched it and was like, “isn’t that the guy from […]

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Is it 1988 all over again?

1988: NKOTB releases Hangin’ Tough 2008: NKOTB releases The Block. Seriously. 1988: AC/DC releases Blow Up Your Radio 2008: AC/DC releases Black Ice 1988: Metallica releases …And Justice For All 2008: Metallica releases Death Magnetic 1988: Guns ‘n Roses releases Lies 2008: Gun ‘n Roses releases Chinese Democracy Yes, just like Black Ice will be […]

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The San Francisco Music Scene

SF Weekly recently posted an article about the neo-psych/rock scene in SF. But, really, the article makes the point that I often make: SF lacks a scene. I go to a lot of shows. Like, a whole lot. And the genres I cover fall mostly under the rock umbrella. But there is no place I […]

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Is rock music losing its cool?

Hannah Montana leads a double life- where she is a ‘rock star’ in one of them. Millions of preteen girls declare their desire to be rock stars while listening to Hannah Montana’s incredibly poppy tunes. The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame 2008 inductees include Madonna to keep company with the likes of Van Halen, […]

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