Dirty Diamonds: Alice Cooper, Kill Devil Hill @ The Orpheum, 11/29/12

I have a piece up on about the Alice Cooper show. I am forever challenged to keep my writing about bands to their small word limit, and this show in particular I could have gone on gushing forever. It was cool to see opener Kill Devil Hill, featuring Rex Brown from Pantera and Vinnie […]

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Trick or Treat: Halloween Hootenanny: Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Murderdolls @ Concrete Street Amphitheater, Corpus Christi, 10/24/10

“Are you guys going to Rob Zombie?” they shout from the car. Is it that obvious? I look down at my snakeskin boots and answer in the affirmative. “Where is the venue?” We quickly give directions since we were there already last night. 5 minutes later: “Hey- you’re going to the show, right?!” another car […]

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Heaven & Hell/Alice Cooper @ Sleep Train Pavilion Concord, 9/30/07

I can distinctly the remember the first time I heard of Alice Cooper. I was a young kid, and I was driving by the Astrodome in Houston with my parents and saw Alice’s name on the marquee. I asked them who she was, and they said, no, that it was a he, and that he […]

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