It Ain’t Like That: Alice In Chains, Walking Papers @ The Pearl Las Vegas, 10/26/13

You can read my post on …and the next morning I flew home on Southwest and Duff and his wife were on my flight!

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Black Gives Way to Blue: BlackDiamondSkye: Alice in Chains, Deftones, Mastodon @ The Joint at the Hard Rock, 10/16/10

I have little faith in anything except that life always balances itself out. In fact, I’m kind of obsessive about it: the minute something bad happens, I get through it by knowing something good is coming my way. And then when something good happens, I know bad is lurking around the corner. Perhaps this would […]

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Check My Brain – Alice in Chains, Middle Class Rut @ Terminal 5, NYC, 3/8/10

In early December, I sat at my desk at work voraciously clicking refresh. I had just discovered about 2 hours before that I would have the opportunity to buy VIP tickets to an Alice in Chains show I was planning on going to in NYC as a birthday gift to myself. This VIP ticket would […]

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HollyWould?: Alice in Chains, Creature with the Atom Brain @ Hollywood Palladium, 2/13/10

There are moments in life that you don’t fully understand and appreciate until after they occur, when you gain perspective. And then there are moments where you can feel the significance right then and there. Both happened to me last night. It was a unique day, spent recovering from Friday night’s show basking in the […]

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Love, Hate, Love: Alice in Chains, Creature with the Atom Brain @ Fox Theater, 2/11/10

The blinking marquee of the Fox Theater beckoned me from the moment I turned onto Telegraph. I know what awaits me inside- the first of three shows over the next month where I will hear one of my favorite bands play some of my favorite songs, and I will spend two hours face to face […]

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Rain When I Die ~ An Evening with Alice in Chains @ The Fillmore, 9/28/09

If Nine Inch Nails has been the soundtrack to my life, Alice in Chains has tried to be the soundtrack to my death on multiple occasions. It all started off well – my first real kiss was while listening to the SAP EP. Then, when I was 14 years old, one day after school I […]

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