Sentenced to Life: Power of the Riff w/ The Obsessed, Final Conflict, From Ashes Rise, Mammoth Grinder, Wartorn, Black Breath, Early Graves, and Obliterations @ The Echoplex/Echo, 8/9-10/13

The Power of the Riff shows have become something I look forward to every year; it is my taste of the festivals I bypass all over the world all summer long. This is much more my speed: an intimate setting filled with bands old and new spanning multiple dark corners of the metal genre. The […]

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Death Becomes You: Power of the Riff w/ Sunn O))), High on Fire, Corrosion of Conformity, and Black Breath @ The Fonda Theater, 12/20/12

“People usually complain that music is so ambiguous; that it is so doubtful what they ought to think when they hear it; whereas everyone understands words. With me it is entirely the converse…. The thoughts which are expressed to me by a piece of music which I love are not too undefinite to be put […]

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Home of the Grave: Black Breath, Martyrdöd, Burning Love, Enabler, Power Trip @ Red 7, 6/28/12

You know how sometimes you just need a show to get completely lost in because the week has so totally fucked your mind that you can’t do anything else? Maybe that’s just me. Dallas’ Power Trip really took me by surprise; they reminded of of Austin’s now defunct Iron Age. Great energy carried their hooky […]

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trash talk

Feast of the Damned: SXSW 2012 – Black Breath, Shining, Audrey Horne, Nachtmystium, Trash Talk, Gypsyhawk, Intronaut, The Atlas Moth, Hull, Holy Grail, Early Graves, Pallbearer, The Black Ryder, Speedwolf, and more

My previous two years of SXSW coverage have taken you on my journey show by show…but this year was a little atypical for me. Instead I’m gonna combine it all into one highlight reel. Before I begin, here are a few general thoughts about SXSW 2012: > Every year it seems like things are more […]

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I Am Beyond: Power of the Riff with Pentagram, Eyehategod, Winter, Black Breath, Pelican, Trap Them, All Pigs Must Die, Black Cobra, Acephalix, and Early Graves @ Echo and Echoplex, 8/13/11

People often ask me what HardRockChick is. It’s not exactly a music blog- I don’t do record reviews….my live show reviews aren’t even really reviews. I try to explain to people that HardRockChick is pretty much my diary that has followed the story of my life for the past almost five years now, and how […]

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Heavy Breathing: Coalesce, Touche Amore, Black Breath @ Slim's, 5/15/10

It was a pretty metal day. First, I semi-fainted having blood drawn at a clinic. Then I watched something with pretty graphic beheadings in it. Then I took a bath, which is totally not metal, until my cat decided to fall in the tub…. Then I went up to Slim’s and interviewed Black Breath. Then […]

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HardRockChick interviews Black Breath

I spoke with members of Black Breath before they took the stage last night in SF, opening for Converge. Topics included their band name, Mexican tacos, an epileptic roadie, and their upcoming slot at Maryland Death Fest. HardRockChick interviews Black Breath from hardrockchick on Vimeo.

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