HardRockChick Interviews Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has been revving my musical engine for years. I’ve seen ‘em a lot, know all their records. In anticipation of seeing them again at the upcoming Moon Block Party, I present to you my interview with BRMC’s Peter Hayes. HardRockChick: You’ll be playing the upcoming Moon Block Party with some familiar […]

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Stitches: Sunset Strip Music Festival: Linkin Park, Orgy, The Diamond Light, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Finch, Sad Robot @ Sunset Strip/Roxy/Whisky-A-Go-Go, 8/3/13

After near email, outdoor advertising, and social media harassment from multiple angles advertising this festival, I decided to go. It was within walking distance, and I didn’t really have anything else to do that day. I’m not into the whole festival thing, but the Sunset Strip Music Festival is pretty easily digestible. And 2 years […]

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Fire Walker: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Thenewno2 @ The Observatory, 6/2/13

I am living amidst a state of emotional discontent. This is mostly derived from a self-induced goth summer, where I spend my days and nights immersed in writing about terrible things that happened to me. And for whatever reason, that means that I have lost my connection with my core music. I’m already living within […]

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Screaming Gun: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Troubadour, 12/21/12

“You’re dyin’ alone, you should’ve known It be cold yeah, cold yeah, cold yeah Now you know you’re alone, you’re a screaming gun, yeah Gun yeah, gun yeah, gun yeah” ~”Screaming Gun”, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club After spending last year catching bits and pieces of the BRMC I fell in love with at weird benefit […]

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Ain’t No Easy Way: AllSaints Not For Sale / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Music Box, 10/24/11

Somehow I inherited my mother’s Catholic guilt. The question I most often ask myself is, “am I doing the right thing”. Sure, a lot of this stems from living a weird lifestyle that needs an FAQ because I do not have simple answers to life’s most simple questions: Where do you live? What do you […]

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In Like The Rose: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Del Mar Race Track, 7/29/11

Everything always has to happen at the same time. We were all set to spend a weekend in Seattle when it was announced that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club would be playing a show at…a race track….in San Diego.  Next thing you know, we’re adjusting flights and hotels, because when your band plays anywhere within a […]

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Shadow’s Keeper: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Doll Factory, 7/9/11

“The shadow’s creepin’, only one way left to go You hit the bottom where the silence only grows It’s never alone…” I remember adding this event to my calendar like it was yesterday but it was really a couple months ago which doesn’t sound long but it feels like an eternity because life is moving […]

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Wicked Garden: Stone Temple Pilots, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Nokia Theater LA, 10/29/10

I wasn’t very excited to go to this show. 6 days before, I’d seen it in Corpus Christi, and it was just…ok. Not bad, just not a standout. But this show would end up being lightyears better. We walked up to the venue about an hour before doors and there’s barely a line. This area […]

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Big Empty: Stone Temple Pilots, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Tab the Band @ Concrete Steet Amphitheater, Corpus Christi, 10/23/10

“Drivin’ faster in my car…“ My friend comments on how quickly we made it to Corpus…and I let her know we were going about 90 the whole way. I’ve had about three hours of sleep, and I have a lot on my mind. I love to drive fast when I’m thinking things through. “Falling farther […]

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SXSW '10: Ain't No Easy Way: Vagrant Records Showcase: J-Roddy Walston and The Business, School of Seven Bells, Murder By Death, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ La Zona Rosa, 8pm, 3/19/10

It was about 6pm when we got out of the Spin Party, and next up we had a mission. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was playing at La Zona Rosa, and although it was a badge/wristband only show, we were going to go early and try our luck. When we arrived, we followed a sign telling […]

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