Something: George Fest @ The Fonda Theater, 9/28/14

I got locked out of the sale for these coveted George Fest tickets not once but twice as the show got moved from the El Rey to The Fonda to make more room for fans. But after perusing secondary market sites and getting sticker shock, I tried the site one last time on a random […]

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HardRockChick Interviews Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has been revving my musical engine for years. I’ve seen ’em a lot, know all their records. In anticipation of seeing them again at the upcoming Moon Block Party, I present to you my interview with BRMC’s Peter Hayes. HardRockChick: You’ll be playing the upcoming Moon Block Party with some familiar […]

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Stitches: Sunset Strip Music Festival: Linkin Park, Orgy, The Diamond Light, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Finch, Sad Robot @ Sunset Strip/Roxy/Whisky-A-Go-Go, 8/3/13

After near email, outdoor advertising, and social media harassment from multiple angles advertising this festival, I decided to go. It was within walking distance, and I didn’t really have anything else to do that day. I’m not into the whole festival thing, but the Sunset Strip Music Festival is pretty easily digestible. And 2 years […]

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Fire Walker: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Thenewno2 @ The Observatory, 6/2/13

I am living amidst a state of emotional discontent. This is mostly derived from a self-induced goth summer, where I spend my days and nights immersed in writing about terrible things that happened to me. And for whatever reason, that means that I have lost my connection with my core music. I’m already living within […]

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Screaming Gun: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Troubadour, 12/21/12

“You’re dyin’ alone, you should’ve known It be cold yeah, cold yeah, cold yeah Now you know you’re alone, you’re a screaming gun, yeah Gun yeah, gun yeah, gun yeah” ~”Screaming Gun”, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club After spending last year catching bits and pieces of the BRMC I fell in love with at weird benefit […]

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Ain’t No Easy Way: AllSaints Not For Sale / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Music Box, 10/24/11

Somehow I inherited my mother’s Catholic guilt. The question I most often ask myself is, “am I doing the right thing”. Sure, a lot of this stems from living a weird lifestyle that needs an FAQ because I do not have simple answers to life’s most simple questions: Where do you live? What do you […]

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In Like The Rose: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Del Mar Race Track, 7/29/11

Everything always has to happen at the same time. We were all set to spend a weekend in Seattle when it was announced that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club would be playing a show at…a race track….in San Diego.  Next thing you know, we’re adjusting flights and hotels, because when your band plays anywhere within a […]

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Shadow’s Keeper: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Doll Factory, 7/9/11

“The shadow’s creepin’, only one way left to go You hit the bottom where the silence only grows It’s never alone…” I remember adding this event to my calendar like it was yesterday but it was really a couple months ago which doesn’t sound long but it feels like an eternity because life is moving […]

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Wicked Garden: Stone Temple Pilots, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Nokia Theater LA, 10/29/10

I wasn’t very excited to go to this show. 6 days before, I’d seen it in Corpus Christi, and it was just…ok. Not bad, just not a standout. But this show would end up being lightyears better. We walked up to the venue about an hour before doors and there’s barely a line. This area […]

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Big Empty: Stone Temple Pilots, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Tab the Band @ Concrete Steet Amphitheater, Corpus Christi, 10/23/10

“Drivin’ faster in my car…“ My friend comments on how quickly we made it to Corpus…and I let her know we were going about 90 the whole way. I’ve had about three hours of sleep, and I have a lot on my mind. I love to drive fast when I’m thinking things through. “Falling farther […]

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