Deathbed: Combichrist and Ivardensphere @ White Rabbit, 5/28/11

“I killed you in me, I’m willing to live to start over, No sign of love, it’s obsolete, I still feel lust in power, I’m still on the run, I’m still running away from you, And in this shadow I wait for you, Strip for you In white light, my fearless mind, Falling through again, […]

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Rapture: Rammstein and Combichrist @ Thomas & Mack, Las Vegas, 5/21/11

photography and video by capital_m Five months earlier, I sat down in my seat at Madison Square Garden after seeing Rammstein for the first time, trying to process what I had just witnessed. Now I was standing at the rail with three of my girlfriends holding ‘I Survived First Row With Rammstein’ stickers covered in […]

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Du Hast Mich: Rammstein, Combichrist @ Madison Square Garden, 12/11/10

Seeing Rammstein live has existed as a myth in my mind for over 10 years. Saturday night that myth became reality, but it blew my mind so much that I’m not even sure what I experienced was real. I first heard of Rammstein in the late ’90s on the Trent Reznor curated soundtrack to David […]

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Never Surrender: Combichrist, Aesthetic Perfection @ Elysium, 11/4/10

I was driving back to Austin for the third time this week, replaying a conversation in my head. Today was the day I realized that my readers – often strangers – know more about me than some people I know in real life. I was thinking about how messed up that is on several levels […]

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This Shit Will Fuck You Up – Combichrist, Informatik, Everything Goes Cold @ DNA Lounge, 10/25/09

I couldn’t go to see Zombichrist and not dress like a zombie. So I threw on some makeup and scared some neighbors on my way out and some tourists on my way into DNA Lounge. Everything Goes Cold started as soon as I had perched myself in the balcony. They sounded ok….neither offensive nor mind […]

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Combichrist, Black Light Burns, Dommin @ DNA Lounge, 1/25/09

Meow. Tonight was my night- one of those shows that makes me wish I had a rewind button so I could do it all again because it made me feel really good. “It’s apparent he’s the industrial Elvis.” I walked into DNA shortly after Dommin’s set had started. Girls are screeching. Roses are being strewn […]

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