Telepathy: Crosses †††, Spirit in the Room @ The Roxy, 4/16/14

It’s felt like Groundhog Day as I walked into The Roxy for the 3rd time in 4 days. I walked in just as the curtain went up for opener Spirit in the Room. I immediately recognized frontman Dennis Sanders as the former bassist of Black Light Burns. He had this sort of Nick Cave meets […]

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Rosemary: Deftones @ Hollywood Palladium, 11/21/12

“Our minds bend And our fingers fall Entwined, we dream I know Time shifting We discover the entry To other planes Stay with me As we cross the empty skies Come sail with me We slow down As the engines stall Our eyes catch seen Explode” ~”Rosemary”, Deftones A little over a month ago, I […]

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Leathers: Deftones, Scars on Broadway @ Ventura Theater, 10/9/12

“This is your chance… Revolt, Resist! Open you chest, look down, reach in. Shedding your skin, showing your texture. Time to let everything inside show. You’re cutting all ties now and forever Time to let everything outside you.” ~”Leathers”, Deftones I never thought I’d be spending so much time north of LA. I’m speeding up […]

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Diamond Eyes: Deftones, The Dillinger Escape Plan @ The Hollywood Palladium, 6/10/11

“To the edge Till we all get off I will take You away with me Once and for all.” ~Diamond Eyes You have no idea how good it feels to live here. It was the easiest move of my life; the day I left I hadn’t even packed yet. I just threw my clothes and […]

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My Own Summer (Shove It): Deftones, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Le Butcherettes @ AT&T Center San Antonio, 6/3/11

Last summer was the “summer of my discontent“. This summer, I am intent on making it my own. To do that, I am relocating to LA to be closer to the music, putting an end to the almost monthly back and forth travel I’ve been doing for most of this past year. And I couldn’t […]

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Risk: Deftones, EightFourSeven @ Stubb's, 10/19/10

“You can’t talk I’m anxious I’m off the walls I’m right here just Come outside And see in But pack your heart You might need it I will find a way I’m confused, ohh But I think I can try I will save your life I will try for you” ‘Risk‘ I left the show […]

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Black Gives Way to Blue: BlackDiamondSkye: Alice in Chains, Deftones, Mastodon @ The Joint at the Hard Rock, 10/16/10

I have little faith in anything except that life always balances itself out. In fact, I’m kind of obsessive about it: the minute something bad happens, I get through it by knowing something good is coming my way. And then when something good happens, I know bad is lurking around the corner. Perhaps this would […]

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Let Loose at Slipknot w/ Deftones @ San Jose Event Center, 10/23/09

There’s something exciting about rushing out of work right at 5 on a Friday, transforming into my metal attire, and hitting the road for the hour long trip to San Jose. I’m maximizing the weekend and I’m about to enter uncharted HRC territory: a new venue in a new city with bands I’d somehow never […]

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