Fragile Dreams: Anathema, Alcest, Mamiffer @ El Rey, 9/3/13

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” This is what I wanted to yell at people through about 67.75% of this show; reminding me why I generally like my shows LOUD. It drowns out the rest of the world, but most importantly, the conversations; at this show I could tell you what kind of drunk drama was going […]

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Blues Hand Me Down: Vintage Trouble @ El Rey, 9/7/13

Sometimes you wake up in LA and the city suffocates you. Beyond the smog, we’re a city of passionate people, folks trying to make it in about every dark niche of every form of entertainment one can imagine. And when you’re trying to make it with your art, you’re selling yourself to live. So sometimes, […]

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Sentenced to Life: Power of the Riff w/ The Obsessed, Final Conflict, From Ashes Rise, Mammoth Grinder, Wartorn, Black Breath, Early Graves, and Obliterations @ The Echoplex/Echo, 8/9-10/13

The Power of the Riff shows have become something I look forward to every year; it is my taste of the festivals I bypass all over the world all summer long. This is much more my speed: an intimate setting filled with bands old and new spanning multiple dark corners of the metal genre. The […]

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HardRockChick Interviews The Vim Dicta, Niko Bolas and Shelly Yakus at Capitol Studios

July 21, 2013 | I spoke The Vim Dicta and sound engineers Niko Bolas and Shelly Yakus at Capitol Studios as they were recording on their new EP. This detailed interview gives you insight into the process behind the music as well as captures the excitement of a band on the upward swing of success.

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Future Warrior: Palms, Crypts @ The Troubadour, 7/12/13

Since I’ve scaled back to going to about one show a week, I’ve recaptured some of the magic of entering a venue and feeling the thrill of what’s to come. And this was especially the case this night, since the venue was the classic Troubadour, and the band at hand would be a brand new […]

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Demon Cleaner: Joshua Tree

I have spent my entire life as a wanderer without a map. Born with a restless hum to tirelessly search for something, I have stood in many strange places in my life, always considering the way they make me feel. I have instantly rejected some of the world’s “greatest” cities as places whose vibrations didn’t […]

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Lonely Girl: My Week at the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards

This year marked my fourth year covering GRAMMY week as part of the Recording Academy’s Community Blogger program. With last year’s GRAMMYs being the most social event of the year, the stakes were higher for our team this year. It’s been very cool to be a part of this ongoing effort to make an awards […]

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