Requiem: Holy Grail @ Beerland, 6/4/12

I thought it was going to be a quiet week, but as I was preparing for a vegan metalhead potluck to close out Chaos in Tejas at HRC HQ…I heard through the grapevine that Holy Grail would be in town that night. There was a healthy crowd of Chaos remnants among others out to enjoy […]

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trash talk

Feast of the Damned: SXSW 2012 – Black Breath, Shining, Audrey Horne, Nachtmystium, Trash Talk, Gypsyhawk, Intronaut, The Atlas Moth, Hull, Holy Grail, Early Graves, Pallbearer, The Black Ryder, Speedwolf, and more

My previous two years of SXSW coverage have taken you on my journey show by show…but this year was a little atypical for me. Instead I’m gonna combine it all into one highlight reel. Before I begin, here are a few general thoughts about SXSW 2012: > Every year it seems like things are more […]

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My Last Attack: Holy Grail @ Sound Bite Studios, 10/28/11

Remember that Halloween where we dressed up as vikings and named ourselves Hellga, Amartha, and Thorhalla and went to this studio in Silverlake and drank vodka crans out of plastic cups amongst a bunch of interestingly painted mannequin busts and watched Holy Grail play and the singer was a zombie and the guitarist was Carlos […]

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HardRockChick interviews Holy Grail

September 8, 2011 | I spoke with Luna and Eli from Holy Grail before their set at DiPiazza’s in Long Beach. We discussed things they miss about home, what makes a great live show, and working with Danny Lohner.

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The Blackest Night: Holy Grail @ DiPiazza’s Long Beach, 9/8/11

As I gathered my things to make the trek to Long Beach, I read the news about a widespread blackout in Southern California. Long Beach could be included in that…would that mean tonight’s show would be canceled? I’ve had about 5 failed attempts at seeing Holy Grail. The last time, I walked in as they […]

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Nil: Eluveitie, 3 Inches of Blood, Holy Grail @ Backstage Live, 2/21/11

Every time I look down I’m going 85. I’ve really been trying to slow down….but it’s so hard. I just want to get to the good stuff. This was my first time to venture to Backstage Live. It’s across the railroad tracks from downtown San Antonio, in a slightly shady area. The small parking lot […]

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