Lay Your Ghosts to Rest: Between the Buried and Me, Deafheaven, Intronaut @ The Glass House, 3/12/14

I knew I needed 2 things: 1) to get out of town 2) to immerse myself in a metal show Pomona may have not been what I was thinking, but the metal show part definitely was. With the SXSW vortex in full effect, it is sometimes hard to believe that live music exists outside of […]

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Do Not Look Down: Meshuggah, Animals As Leaders, Intronaut @ The Wiltern, 3/2/13

“Strive, strive, surmount the obstacles Become the essence of your goals Hereditary dream Pray that you may attain that destiny Fall into the coveted line Where life is but a theme Of pretense in lustrous guise” ~”Do Not Look Down”, Meshuggah Spring had teased its presence that day, and the air inside The Wiltern was […]

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trash talk

Feast of the Damned: SXSW 2012 – Black Breath, Shining, Audrey Horne, Nachtmystium, Trash Talk, Gypsyhawk, Intronaut, The Atlas Moth, Hull, Holy Grail, Early Graves, Pallbearer, The Black Ryder, Speedwolf, and more

My previous two years of SXSW coverage have taken you on my journey show by show…but this year was a little atypical for me. Instead I’m gonna combine it all into one highlight reel. Before I begin, here are a few general thoughts about SXSW 2012: > Every year it seems like things are more […]

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Lateralus: Tool, Intronaut @ Mandalay Events Center Las Vegas, 1/15/12

“Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind. Withering my intuition, missing opportunities and I must Feed my will to feel my moment drawing way outside the lines.” January is always the strangest month of the year. It’s supposed to be all about new beginnings, where we stop doing this and start doing […]

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Tired Climb: Kylesa and Intronaut @ The Troubadour, 9/2/11

“Keyed up, all tore up Free from thought, walking backwards Tranquil anxiety Refraining from walking backwards Reverse and rewind Contemplate moving forward Regrets indicate, moving forth is walking backwards We tread a long time On occasion, on the line Swaying, weighing Straying from this tired climb” ~”Tired Climb”, Kylesa This month is going to be […]

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Tempting Time: Animals As Leaders, Intronaut, Dead Letter Circus, Last Chance to Fate, Evan Brewer @ Key Club, 7/10/11

“How did you get into metal music?” This is a frequently asked question, and my usual answer is that I always have been. But I think it’s more interesting to analyze specifically how the obsession started and how it morphed into what it is today, as I stood in front of a three piece playing […]

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Mastodon is Everything You've Heard and More w/ Kylesa, Intronaut @ Great American Music Hall, 4/19/09

I had a shitty week. I wrecked my car. I lost all of my concert footage from the last three years. I’ve had several interviews fall through. But tonight made me see the light, as metal was my medicine to get me through to tomorrow. It was still light outside when I entered GAMH for […]

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