Into the Fuzz: io echo, A Place to Bury Strangers @ Great American Music Hall, 3/10/10

I pulled up close to the Great American Music Hall and parked. I turned the car off and sat there for a second. I’ve already seen BRMC today, dropped off my friend at the airport, and now I’m about to go see two more bands I love. And I’m already thinking that I’ll probably leave […]

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The Day That NIN Went Away: Nine Inch Nails, Io Echo @ The Wiltern, 9/10/09

Let’s just say that Nine Inch Nails has been like my lover…perhaps my best friend….for a long time. NIN has been there with me through a lot. It has comforted me when I was sad; it has turned me on; it has introduced me to new people; it has given me inspiration. The break up […]

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Revenge in San Francisco's Classiest Venue, with Great Northern, io echo @ Bimbo's, 6/12/09

HRC special note: I NEVER take three days to produce a review….I’ve had a fever something awful. I’m also pissed because Twitterific failed the entire evening at this show, so no live updates happened….so, I will filter in what you would have seen into the review. /rant ————————————————————————————————– You know it is going to be […]

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