Ocean Size: Jane’s Addiction, The Duke Spirit @ Lila Cockrell Theater, 5/7/12

“wish I was ocean size they cannot move you no one tries no one pulls you out from your hole like a tooth aching a jawbone” Certain bands will always remind me of particular times in my life. Even though I’d been a near lifelong fan, I never saw Jane’s Addiction until Spring of 2009. […]

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Personal Jesus: 7th Annual MusiCares MAP Fund Concert honoring Dave Gahan and Kevin Lyman @ Club Nokia, 5/6/11

When your hobby begins to take more and more time and you don’t get paid for it but you treat it like a job, the inevitable happens. You begin to wonder if you’re wasting your time. You try to say you’re doing it for yourself and you do but at the same time you hope […]

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Fan's Addiction: Jane's Addiction @ The Roxy, 7/2/10

When I made the decision to move home on account of my mom’s illness, I wanted to have one last crazy weekend in LA as a send off. It just so happened that this coincided with a Jane’s Addiction club show at The Roxy, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. When something tragic happens […]

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NIN/JA Tour Diary 8: Last in Holmdel, 6/6/09

It was to be the final show. I slept like a baby in Philly, woke up late, and it was at this point we realized that we would need a place to get ready before the show tonight. So we decided to go back to Christine’s place in Brooklyn before going on to Holmdel. The […]

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NIN/JA Tour Diary 7: Closer in Camden, 6/5/09

I took a red eye flight to Atlanta, and then to Philly for the Camden show. I wasn’t able to sleep, but it really wouldn’t be a NIN/JA show if I wasn’t tired. One of my best friends, Christine, met me at our hotel in Philly, and soon we were on our way to the […]

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NIN/JA Tour Diary 5- Mountain View- Then She Did

I’m very happy to share with you all one of the most exciting experiences of my life. My friend and I made the $1000 donation to help out Eric. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of- the total as of now is somewhere around $600K in three days. That’s the power of a […]

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NIN/JA Tour Diary 4- Santa Barbara- Broken

TR quote: “Welcome to Brunch with Nine Inch Nails” NIN/JA Tour Diary 4- Santa Barbara- Broken from hardrockchick on Vimeo. As you can see below, Sin was indeed played- this just shows how garbled your brain is after getting brutalized in the pit… NIN Setlist: 1. Home 2. Somewhat Damaged 3. Sin 4. March of […]

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NIN/JA Tour Diary 3- Las Vegas- Worth the Wait

So…no before and after commentary video for me this time. Why? I was too tired to string together sentences. The last 4 days have been completely amazing. I’ve met great people, and really have been able to submerse myself in the moment of everything. After arriving in Vegas, we scoped out the venue and verified […]

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NIN/JA Tour Diary 2- Chula Vista ~ Banged Up and Blown Away, and HRC Finally Meets Trent Reznor

It’s kinda long….but here are some before and afters videos of me talking, with SSSC, NIN, and JA footage in the middle. Photos are below. And, I got to meet Trent in the strangest way possible- he snuck up behind me waiting to get on the same flight as me to LV using the NIN:Access […]

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