Bile Towers: Landmine Marathon @ Los Globos, 3/25/13

“Bile drapes the towers Light begins to cease Watch the towers fall Onto peasants’ feet He is the one with the branded mark Watch for his tongue to peel and split apart Fight the frame of remorse Inner discursion lost These deadly lucid dreams Escape me” ~”Bile Towers”, Landmine Marathon Every time I enter Los […]

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Kirk Hammet

Through The Never: Orion Music + More / Metallica, Eric Church, The Sword, Baroness, Landmine Marathon, Ghost, A Place to Bury Strangers, Kyng, and more @ Bader Field in Atlantic City, 6/23-24/12

Hi. I’ve already got a piece up on about this…but it had to be edited down and there was just too much to say about this weekend. So here’s more. 1. Traveling to Atlantic City takes too long for people who live in most of the world. Also, Atlantic City is evil, and not […]

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Red Days: Landmine Marathon, Night Seige @ Red 7, 6/9/12

It was ROT Rally weekend in Austin, and as the loud roar of bikes could be heard across downtown…none of those sounds could compare to the growl coming from within Red 7. In a weekend where my body detracted from months of pushing itself to it’s limits, and reflecting on all that had occurred, I […]

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Severed Reality: Warbringer, Lazarus A.D., Landmine Marathon @ Key Club, 9/3/11

“Descending! Into madness Sanity falling away Nothing remains from the world you have known Enter the realms beyond the gate” For as long as I can remember I’ve been really into genealogy and the idea of nature versus nurture. Before the internet and, I used libraries to do research on where I came from. […]

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Exist: Skeletonwitch, Trap Them, Withered, and Landmine Marathon @ Red 7, 12/4/10

As soon as we walked into Red 7, I thought something was…a little wrong. Come to find out, the Austin School of Rock was performing Beatles hits on the inside stage before the metal show started out back. I looked at the little girl up there helping sing ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ and thought […]

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SXSW '10: Off With a Bang: Landmine Marathon at Hoek's Death Metal Pizza, 1:50pm, 3/18/10

It would be my first time back for SXSW since I moved away from Austin 5 years ago. After a month of planning and schedule tweaking and scrounging around for guestlists and secret shows and planning meet ups, I had my excel sheet from hell and I literally was ready to hit the ground running. […]

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Last Minute Metal w/ Book of Black Earth, Landmine Marathon, Embers @ Thee Parkside, 8/11/09

Today was a weird fucking day. One major show canceled; another major one confirmed. And my new hairstylist called me the ‘G’ word. Luckily Umlaut reminded me of a metal show at Thee Parkside, which is now walking distance from my home. Metal therapy! When Thee Parkside uses the tagline ‘San Francisco’s Premier Dive Venue’, […]

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