Into the Painted Grey: Agalloch, TAURUS @ Red 7, 8/5/12

“To vertical depths Above the stars For when I die, The universe will die with me and all will be lost, forever gone Where am I?” ~Into the Painted Grey, Agalloch For the past two years, I’ve lived in a persistent state of saying goodbye. It’s a strange space to exist within. So, to kick […]

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Home of the Grave: Black Breath, Martyrdöd, Burning Love, Enabler, Power Trip @ Red 7, 6/28/12

You know how sometimes you just need a show to get completely lost in because the week has so totally fucked your mind that you can’t do anything else? Maybe that’s just me. Dallas’ Power Trip really took me by surprise; they reminded of of Austin’s now defunct Iron Age. Great energy carried their hooky […]

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Red Days: Landmine Marathon, Night Seige @ Red 7, 6/9/12

It was ROT Rally weekend in Austin, and as the loud roar of bikes could be heard across downtown…none of those sounds could compare to the growl coming from within Red 7. In a weekend where my body detracted from months of pushing itself to it’s limits, and reflecting on all that had occurred, I […]

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Headbanger Face Rip – Chaos in Tejas: Municipal Waste, St. Vitus, Midnight, Toxic Holocaust, A Place to Bury Strangers, Ghoul @ RED RIVER CORRIDOR, 6/1-3/12

24 hours prior to starting Chaos in Tejas weekend I was on the red carpet in LA. Now we were surrounded by crust punkers, smelling something awful, covered in sweat, and getting spit on. Both types of events are ok in my life. I would spend the next three days and nights sweating it out […]

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Eyes of Madness: Tragedy, Screaming Females @ Red 7, 5/4/12

If a full moon makes people crazy, a supermoon makes people completely mental. I could sense this on my walk from home to venue, the streets already peppered with wasted youth. Added to full moon fever was the fact that this felt like the first truly hot day of the year….and it was humid. So […]

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Running In Circles: Russian Circles, The Roller @ Red 7, 12/31/11

I loathe New Year’s. But when in good company of both bands and friends, I discovered that it can be alright. Dinner ran late, and we had to navigate the horrifying crime scene that Sixth Street was quickly becoming. It was swiftly approaching midnight, and I swore that if I was stuck between douchebags and […]

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High/Low: The Roller, Fiend Without A Face @ Red 7, 1/8/11

There have been many times in this space where I have lamented the fact that my life is a rollercoaster; a series of highs and lows with little in between. The highs and lows in my life go beyond good times/bad times…but can also describe the sort of multiple personalities I have. I can start […]

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Exist: Skeletonwitch, Trap Them, Withered, and Landmine Marathon @ Red 7, 12/4/10

As soon as we walked into Red 7, I thought something was…a little wrong. Come to find out, the Austin School of Rock was performing Beatles hits on the inside stage before the metal show started out back. I looked at the little girl up there helping sing ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ and thought […]

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SXSW '10: Ice Cold Metal: Liturgy, Touche Amore, Howl, Iron Age @ Red 7, 1pm, 3/20/10

What the hell, Texas. You give me sunshine and 70 degree weather for two days and you decide to make my final day terrible by waking me up to a rainstorm at 5am, and then becoming so cold and windy that you blow my motel door open while I’m brushing my teeth in my underwear. […]

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