Beneath a Black Sky: Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, Revocation @ Scout Bar Houston, 6/27/12

As I approached the sprawling metropolis of the place of my birth, I began to feel weird. Partially because I’d been going nonstop, partially because I had just driven three hours to see a show, and partially because I was exiting the freeway to take a trip down memory lane. The house I grew up […]

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A New Beginning: Children of Bodom, Eluveitie, Revocation, Threat Signal @ Emo’s East, 2/21/12

“I’m falling away from this artificial life Omit treason cast upon thee My revelations Beginning a new life” ~”A New Beginning”, Threat Signal I’m standing outside Emo’s East kind of dreading to walk in. This would be my first time at the new Emo’s. I grew up going to 6th and Red River….I even went […]

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black tusk

Relapse Records Scion Metal Matinee: Exhumed, Black Tusk, Revocation, TOMBS @ The Roxy, 2/11/12

Even though I was running on fumes reporting on everything rock-related for the GRAMMYs, I made time to ‘keep it real’ by swinging by the Relapse Records Scion metal matinee show. I ran into the venue right as TOMBS took the stage. I immediately recognized the bassist as being from Black Anvil. I love shows […]

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