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Manipulation: Austin Psych Fest 5 @ Emo’s and Beauty Ballroom, 4/27-28/12

Last year’s Austin Psych Fest was, as one would expect, a trippy adventure amidst the weird energy of the now defunct Seaholm Power Plant. To kick off this year’s fest, on Monday night we found ourselves at the Alamo Drafthouse to watch a screening of the DVD made from last year’s fest. The back of […]

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Red Reflection: Spindrift @ Harvard & Stone, 10/6/11

It’s a time of intense personal reflection for me. There are times in life when you are busy just ‘doing’. You’ve got things to do, and you do them, and you wake up the next day and do it again. Then there are times when there’s a shake up, a shut down, a finish line. […]

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HardRockChick interviews Spindrift

June 30, 2011 | I talked to Kirpatrick Thomas and Sasha Vallely of Spindrift before their show at Bordello in Downtown LA. Topics included their partnership with IFC and most recent video for ‘Hellbound’, the allure of the American West, the state of psychedelic music, and writing in the Gram Parsons room in Joshua Tree.

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When I Was Free: Spindrift, RT & The Standards @ Bordello, 6/30/11

I had what most might deem an unusual childhood. In a world of Disneyland vacations, Girl Scout troops, and summer camp as normal childhood touchstones, I did things that would make teachers raise eyebrows during show and tell. I was raised in the back of my family’s store, and building that business completely dominated my […]

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cold, dark, and beautiful

Wilderness Heart: Black Mountain, Spindrift @ Parkteatret, Oslo, Norway, 4/12/11

Somewhere between getting out of paying 100 Euro in baggage overages to Ryan Air for the second time, and spying my first Viking-looking Norwegian plane mate, I got little-girl-on-Christmas-morning excited. Unfortunately, when you travel alone, there isn’t anyone to share your excitement with….and I had banned myself from my iPhone for the most part. When […]

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spindrift, the vandelles @ 12 galaxies, 1/16/08

I’ll begin by saying that I think I started off my shows this year with an appropriate choice. There’s just something about seeing psychedelic rock in a small venue on a Wednesday night. On a evening with a clear ramping up from the amateur to the professional, all performers possessed the spirit of psychedelic rock […]

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