You Have Killed Me: Morrissey, Patti Smith @ Staples, 3/1/13

I wrote about this show for My focus for the year in terms of live music is new stuff and bucket list bands. Morrissey and Patti Smith were both on my bucket list. Also, living in LA makes it possible for me to check something off my bucket list monthly. I am gonna be […]

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Grohl + Slayer

The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards: Pre-Telecast, Telecast, and Afterparty @ LA Convention Center & Staples Center, 2/12/12

Every day should start with someone knocking on your door to do hair and makeup. I’d never really had this kind of treatment done for any event…but within my mantra to live every day like it’s the last, I decided to go all out this year. So I had the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, […]

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The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards and Afterparty @ The Staples Center, 2/13/11

We had approximately 30 minutes between the Pre-Tel and the Telecast to run to the Social Media suite and recharge our phones/iPads and ourselves. This happened to be one of the only moments where all of us were in the same room- and here we are! We were warned that we had to be in […]

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GRAMMY Week: High on Life- The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards @ The Staples Center, 1/31/10

After leaving the Pre-Tel, I had about a 30 minute window before the climax of the weekend, the real deal live TV awards show, was to begin. Because I find eating highly overrated when I’m busy, I decided to spend it checking out The Red Carpet. I walked past all of the onlookers trying to […]

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