Death in the Eyes of Dawn: Amon Amarth, Enslaved, Skeletonwitch @ The Wiltern, 2/15/14

“I followed all the paths Righteous in my heart Slept without the dreams Got lost within myself” ~”Death in the Eyes of Dawn”, Enslaved The classic marquee lit up the street, beckoning us to enter, but, alas, it was an hour after doors were supposed to have opened and they remained shut.  I began the quest […]

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Nietzsche: The Dandy Warhols, The Shivas @ The Wiltern, 6/14/13

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche I was still on a desert high as I walked into The Wiltern. There had been many things floating around on my calendar for this evening, but a last minute confirmation for this show made me realize that it was where I was supposed to be […]

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Do Not Look Down: Meshuggah, Animals As Leaders, Intronaut @ The Wiltern, 3/2/13

“Strive, strive, surmount the obstacles Become the essence of your goals Hereditary dream Pray that you may attain that destiny Fall into the coveted line Where life is but a theme Of pretense in lustrous guise” ~”Do Not Look Down”, Meshuggah Spring had teased its presence that day, and the air inside The Wiltern was […]

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Heart is a Beating Drum: The Kills @ The Wiltern, 9/10/11

I’m the eternal third wheel to my friend and her boyfriend these days. After an adventurous meal at an Oaxacan restaurant where I was the only gringa in the place, we strolled up to The Wiltern for an evening with The Kills. I like The Kills…but I’m really there because I girlcrush on Alison Mosshart. […]

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Holy Mountain: Sleep, Harvey Milk, and Premonition 13 @ The Wiltern, 6/26/11

They say that smell triggers memories….but since my nose doesn’t work very well, for me it is sound. I get mail occasionally about some of the stuff I write being depressing; life’s been very heavy for me, and this is my therapist. But personally, my most depressing piece to me would be what I wrote […]

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Requiem: Killing Joke @ The Wiltern, 12/18/10

“And the meaning of words When they cease to function When there’s nothing to say When will it start worrying you? Death – requiem” The last show of the year is always bittersweet. It holds a certain amount of weight; it’s the memory that will pervade the couple of weeks of silence filled with food, […]

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Time Warp: Tribute to the Rocky Horror Picture Show @ The Wiltern, 10/28/10

It was with much antici…..pation that I looked forward to my first trip back to California after moving away in July. It is too soon to return to SF, but LA has always been a happy escape for me. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I had a great time spending it in LA last […]

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The Day That NIN Went Away: Nine Inch Nails, Io Echo @ The Wiltern, 9/10/09

Let’s just say that Nine Inch Nails has been like my lover…perhaps my best friend….for a long time. NIN has been there with me through a lot. It has comforted me when I was sad; it has turned me on; it has introduced me to new people; it has given me inspiration. The break up […]

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Just Like I Imagined: Nine Inch Nails, HEALTH @ Henry Fonda, 9/8/09

It was one of the craziest decisions I’ve ever made. I had decided to not go to the rescheduled NIN show at the Henry Fonda Theater. I had a ticket, but it was as someone’s plus one that would be waiting in line and going in early. I knew there was no way that I […]

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