The Ultra-Violence: Death Angel, Threat Signal @ Whisky-A-Go-Go, 10/19/12

I zipped into the Whisky and around the crowd to the corner of the stage just in time for Threat Signal to come on. It was Friday night, and this week was ROUGH so I was ready to blow off some steam, and couldn’t think of any better way than watching this group of dudes […]

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A New Beginning: Children of Bodom, Eluveitie, Revocation, Threat Signal @ Emo’s East, 2/21/12

“I’m falling away from this artificial life Omit treason cast upon thee My revelations Beginning a new life” ~”A New Beginning”, Threat Signal I’m standing outside Emo’s East kind of dreading to walk in. This would be my first time at the new Emo’s. I grew up going to 6th and Red River….I even went […]

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Melodic Metal Memorial Day: Dark Tranquillity, Threat Signal, Mutiny Within @ Slim's, 5/31/10

6:05pm: “Come to the back door.” 6:10pm: “Where is it?” 6:15pm: “It’s around the back, in an alley.” 6:16pm: “Off Folsom?” Ring ring. “Jamie- how do you not know where the backstage entrance is to Slim’s? Go around the side”. “Oh.” I walk up to the backstage door and am greeted by my friend Jeff […]

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I Scream, You Sing: Epica, Threat Signal, Blackguard @ Slim's, 2/17/10

I arrived early for my interview with Threat Signal, and enter an empty Slim’s. I’ve never been in this venue when it’s empty…it seems much bigger that way. I’m led down to the dressing room- the belly of Slim’s is a cavernous place. I was told that the band might prefer to do the interview […]

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HardRockChick Interviews Threat Signal

If you haven’t heard of Threat Signal yet, well, you can thank me later. I chatted with them last night before their set opening for Epica. From mustard yellow couches in the sticker filled dressing room downstairs at Slim’s, the guys shared their thoughts on filming their recording process, dealing with the music business, the […]

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