20th Century Boy: Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts @ The Troubadour, 11/3/14

It’s 6:30pm and I’m ravenously eating my first meal of the day. Sitting at the bar at the famous Dan Tana’s, I’m squeezed between an awkward Seeking Arrangement-type date, old music industry execs gossiping about the same show we were about to go to, hanging onto what’s left of the dream, and Little E. Remember […]

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Halo of Ashes: Mark Lanegan, Sean & Zander @ The Troubadour, 10/5/13

“She wears a halo of ashes Specter on the wind Waits on me so patiently I no longer can pretend Tomorrow my thousand miles behind Face painted in the moon below Wake me where you find me Pretend you don’t know I been a long long time away…” ~”Halo of Ashes”, Screaming Trees This would […]

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No Love Lost: Carcass, Exhumed @ The Troubadour, 9/28/13

“Sensual awakening Numbing feeling’s dead Conception’s romanticised Synthesized broken hearts to bled” ~”No Love Lost”, Carcass I was holding tickets to see Depeche Mode the same night as the Carcass show was announced for; but since a) Carcass is a bucket list band I had never seen, fitting into my year plan for checking off […]

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Future Warrior: Palms, Crypts @ The Troubadour, 7/12/13

Since I’ve scaled back to going to about one show a week, I’ve recaptured some of the magic of entering a venue and feeling the thrill of what’s to come. And this was especially the case this night, since the venue was the classic Troubadour, and the band at hand would be a brand new […]

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Sleepy Silver Door: Dead Meadow, Strangers Family Band @ Troubadour, 2/14/13

” Music is my boyfriend…music is my hot hot sex.” ~”Music is my hot hot sex”, CSS I hate Valentine’s Day. I’ve hated it since love meant the boy that pulled your hair and ran away, when I was always sick on that day each year. I’ve hated it when I was in relationships, and […]

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Screaming Gun: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Troubadour, 12/21/12

“You’re dyin’ alone, you should’ve known It be cold yeah, cold yeah, cold yeah Now you know you’re alone, you’re a screaming gun, yeah Gun yeah, gun yeah, gun yeah” ~”Screaming Gun”, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club After spending last year catching bits and pieces of the BRMC I fell in love with at weird benefit […]

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I Lost You: A Place to Bury Strangers @ Troubadour, 11/6/12

At this point, there really isn’t much more I can write about A Place to Bury Strangers, except that, even though I’ve seen them many times over the past 5 years, I’m always enthralled. Previous APTBS posts

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One Man Revolution: The Nightwatchman, Stoll Vaughan @ The Troubadour, 10/25/11

Once upon a time, I was a very politically-minded individual. Throughout school I was heavily into activism, whether it be letter writing for anti animal experimentation in the cosmetics industry, being on the winning debate team for legalizing marijuana and in support of Kevorkian’s assisted suicide, and various pro-choice campaigns and efforts in support of […]

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Ground: Enslaved, Alcest, Junius @ The Troubadour, 10/14/11

“Caught in a spiral of need Act without the choice Choose not to act Caught in a spiral of need Desperate and alone in a whole Striving for higher ground Carrying someone else’s fears for tomorrow Stay behind the line Or eat from the bowels of reality Grind the thorns to stardust Gliding slowly across […]

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Tired Climb: Kylesa and Intronaut @ The Troubadour, 9/2/11

“Keyed up, all tore up Free from thought, walking backwards Tranquil anxiety Refraining from walking backwards Reverse and rewind Contemplate moving forward Regrets indicate, moving forth is walking backwards We tread a long time On occasion, on the line Swaying, weighing Straying from this tired climb” ~”Tired Climb”, Kylesa This month is going to be […]

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