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Noise Pop: Ghostland Observatory, Honeycut, The Gray Kid, and Land Shark @ Mezzanine, 3/3/07

Yay, the Mezzanine. It is becoming my second home. And it is girl’s night out.

We walk in mid way through a set from Land Shark, who was not listed on the bill. I felt totally unprepared, for I usually go listen to everyone who I am going to see prior to a show. Not only did I really like them, but they are from San Francisco, which gives me hope for going to check out a full set sometime soon. They are electro rock, NIN elements with a singer that sounds mildly like Peter Murphy. It’s pretty heavy stuff, the hard rock chick’s music of choice, and this surprises me at Mezzanine. Love it.

If I didn’t feel prepared for the first act, I was absolutely swept away by what was next. I had listened to The Gray Kid, thought it was good, but I had no idea. My friends and I stood mesmerized by this Justin Timberlake meets Slug from Atmosphere Jake Gyllenhaal look alike. Wow. Definitely one of the most energetic performances I have seen. It’s just him up there, which is a really hard thing to pull off. There are no distractions. And we wouldn’t want any.

It’s a hard act to follow, but Honeycut mostly pulls it off. Another San Francisco act, Honeycut is mellow dance music, with catchy lyrics almost theatrical in nature. After their first song, my friends and I look at each other and say, “do you feel like he’s singing at us?” It was a bit eerie. Perhaps our little corner was a good focal point. At this point, I am so tired from dancing around to three awesome performances, deep into cocktail number 3, that I almost forget that we still have the crown jewel to see.

Ghostland Observatory, from my hometown of Austin, TX, is a spectacle. It is the kind of eccentric masterpiece that can only be from Austin. Indian braids, cowboy boots, a superhero cape, and GoGo dance moves blend together to form this dynamic duo. The male version of Le Tigre vocals- a sing song scream- rise above murky electronica beats that cause involuntary dance movements in even the most uncoordinated. They have undying energy, playing a set long into the night.

I can’t feel my feet. I wore earplugs, but you wouldn’t know it as everyone starts to sounds like the adults on Peanuts. I’ve been turned into a groupie four times over. It’s been a good night.


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