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8 Bit Idiots @ Ireland's 32, 10/31/07

It’s a foggy, cold night- perfect Halloween weather. While many are craving candy, I’m craving some good rock ‘n roll.

I rarely travel to the Inner Richmond, so this was my first time to Ireland’s 32. I had no idea that this unassuming Irish pub was well known for kickstarting several local bands. The stage to floorspace ratio is a bit off balance- seriously, a 4 piece seems like a tight squeeze.

But, the 8 Bits Idiots made the most of it. 4 game developers who somehow still find time to write their own songs and regularly practice is quite impressive. Recently they’ve opened for HRC fave Oliver Future at Bottom of the Hill. They manage to genre blend and still retain a rock ‘n roll core without seeming scatterbrained. To cap off their set, and in the spirit of Halloween, they injected their own style into a cover of Bauhaus’ Bela Lugosi’s Dead.

  1. Bits 13 years ago

    HRC, many thanks for coming to the show and for the kind words!

    You are the coolest of the cool!


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