The 2007 HardRockChick.com Awards

Of the 126 bands I saw this year, here are my choices across a multitude of categories. Consider most of the categories recommendations for buying tickets in the future.

Best Shows:
1. Marilyn Manson
2. Velvet Revolver
3. M.I.A. (Rickshaw show)

Worst Shows:
1. The Frail
2. Incubus (my fault mostly)
3. Dan Deacon

Biggest “I was there” moments:
1. Bridge School
2. The Nightwatchman
3. M.I.A. (Rickshaw show)

Most overhyped:
1. Smashing Pumpkins
2. Of Montreal
3. Blonde Redhead

Best ‘In the know’ shows (big musician in a little venue)
1. M.I.A. (Rickshaw show)
2. Tom Morello/The Nightwatchman
3. Jeordie White/Goon Moon
4. Perry Ferrell/Satellite Party
5. Richard Patrick/Army of Anyone

Most exclusive, aka shows where I could have hocked my ticket for big bucks:
1. Smashing Pumpkins
2. M.I.A. (Rickshaw show)
3. Daft Punk

Bitches who canceled their tours on me:
1. White Stripes
2. Too Short
3. The Decemberists

Best swag:
1. Velvet Revolver pick
2. M.I.A. setlist
3. Ozzy pick

Most fun shows:
1. Marilyn Manson
2. Mickey Avalon @ popscene
3. Daft Punk
4. Ghostland/Honeycut/The Gray Kid/Landshark

Craziest shit happened at:
1. Brian Jonestown Massacre
2. Metallica @ Bridge School
3. any Mickey Avalon show

Best Spectacle:
1. Manson
2. Rob Zombie

Best up and coming local bands:
1. immigrant
2. Darker My Love
3. Honeycut

Music I saw the most:
1. The Gray Kid (4 times)
2. Mickey Avalon, immigrant (3 times)
3. She Wants Revenge, Triple Cobra, Ghostland, Honeycut, Black Angels, Kavinsky, M.I.A. (2 times)

Bands that I need to see again, due to short sets or bad venues:
1. Tool
2. Trans Am
3. The Rapture

Best venues:
1. Great American Music Hall
2. Bottom of the Hill
3. The Warfield

Happy New Year!

  1. daryl 13 years ago

    great summary list of what sounds like a fantastic year of shows for you Jamie. may the new year blow away the old!!

  2. Eryn 13 years ago

    Love the recap. Thanks for doing most of the legwork for me. I added a few shows we didn’t share to see my damage. Yikes (even if it isn’t at your level of yikes)

    BTW: The Faint (@ Mezzanine) should have made #5 on the ‘Most Fun’ list, for sure!

    Also, you’re missing: “Shows where bitches tried to fight me”.

  3. hardrockchick 13 years ago

    The Faint @ Mezzanine was back in December ’06…thus, it didn’t count.

  4. Eryn 13 years ago

    oops. I take it back then. Your list is absolutely fucking perfect.

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