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Live videos of The New Regime/Ilan Rubin

Ilan answers questions about his album, favorite composers, and what he likes to do in if ‘off time’:

Take Control Intro – The New Regime

The New Regime Live Video Performances

Here are a couple of my favorite songs off the album:

Take Control:

Take Control (LIVE) – The New Regime

Order Restored:

Order Restored (LIVE) – The New Regime

You can see more live videos and interview clips here and can catch Ilan live with NIN this summer.

  1. Brown Pimpin' 12 years ago

    I heard his album on imeem and he actually wrote me a comment! (even if it was one of his personal assistants doing that, it made me feel good about myself.)

  2. kitesurf 12 years ago

    Thanks a ton for these videos, I was actually looking for these!

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