HRC Goes to Europe

Dearest Readers,

A couple of years ago I decided that one of my goals for HRC was to go to some international shows. Despite a lot of domestic travel lately, I haven’t been outside the US since 2004, and when I used to do more international travel as a student, I never went to a concert.

My first thought was to follow one of ‘my’ bands across Europe, but the timing never worked out. Then I thought I should go to some of the major metal festivals…but I could never find an accomplice and, honestly, I don’t like festivals.

So instead I just booked a trip around the destinations I wanted to go to and then saw what concerts fell into that. It seems to have worked out well. Over the next month, I’ll be taking a mostly solo journey starting in Rome and going to Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin, Oslo, Bergen, and London. It’s a soul searching expedition with a side of music, if you will.

Updates will most likely be minimal, but I hope to emerge at the end of this with stories of adventures unimaginable.

Rock on!



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