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GRAMMY Glam: Spinderella & DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown @ MyHouse, 2/7/12

My GRAMMY week was kicked off in style- with a dress up event celebrating beauty and music.

I started the evening at a metal show, where I wore my typical uniform of jeans, boots, top, and leather jacket…all in black, of course! Then I made a quick change to arrive at a Hollywood club to start GRAMMY week off right.

Upon entering the club, we snapped a quick iPhone photo in front of the gold carpet for the evening.

DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown

Once inside, we perused the space while DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown- also known as Erykah Badu- and Spinderella – of ‘Push It’ fame- entertained us with their playlists. The only rock song that graced our ears was a quick snippet Spinderella played of Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”….but I didn’t mind. Fun fact: HRC spent a large part of the early 2000s shunning metal and consuming a lot of rap music.


I don’t consider myself a fashionista or very good with beauty type stuff…but while people watching at this event I reflected on my own sense of personal style. I’d call it ‘high/low’ fashion, with rock ‘n’ roll elegance as my motif.

Like many girls, I learned how to shop from my mother. She taught me that you spend money on the staple items and the things that you want to last: shoes, handbags, jackets. So over the years I’ve saved up to accumulate these types of items. My favorite one that I was sporting this evening was my black Balenciaga Motorcycle bag. I lusted after it for nearly 7 years before actually being able to buy it.

Otherwise, I buy my clothes from a pretty standard mix of places on the cheap. I get a lot of stuff from Target-it looks good and fits well, but I never expect it to last long. Then I buy things on sale at Nordstrom or at a couple different ‘cheap boutiques’ where I find original looking, small brand items. My favorite boutique like this is Strut in Austin, TX.

I also use jewelry to zazz up plain outfits. There are so many places you can buy cool jewelry online nowadays- Etsy, Zazzle, even Amazon. I travel a lot, and I have made a habit of finding local jewelry designers to buy something for a keepsake. It’s much better than a traditional souvenir- and every time I wear it I am reminded of my travels. My favorite store for this in LA is Necromance.

As for hair and makeup, I have always felt like I lack skill in that department…so I’ve heavily utilized the employees of Sephora whenever I need something. There are several things I’m often asked about that I do: one is a zig zag looking crimp that I do to my hair. It’s a Conair crimper that looks like a big W, and you can get it at Target usually. Another is false eyelashes- they enhance any look and you can buy so many different cool looking ones. You just need to practice with them and then they become second nature to put on after a while.

I was also sporting nail bling that night- I decided to spice up my usual gel manicure with a sparkly heart to add balance to the broken heart tattoo I have on my wrist and celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday in my own little way.

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We danced the night away, and I enjoyed my first of several nights of playing dress up.

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