Who is HardRockChick?

CoverDo you remember that time you were at that show and that thing happened and it just totally blew your mind?

I live for those moments.

I’m a fan just like you that starting writing about my experiences at all the shows I went to back in 2007 for fun. This site is about my life and the music I go to see; you won’t find critical commentary, album reviews, or news tidbits here. I only go see things I’m interested in. My goal is to make you feel like you were there, to be the voice of the rock and metal fan…and to hopefully introduce you to new music along the way.

I don’t make a dime writing this site- it is my very involved hobby. I run my site completely by myself. Sometimes if I’m lucky I’ll interview a band I’m really into. I use twitter, facebook, and instagram to post from shows in real time if you’re into that kind of thing.

I recently published a memoir entitled Head Like A Hole. You can pick it up at Amazon, Nook, and iBooks.

jamie / HRC
hrc (at) hardrockchick.com

Interviews about HRC:

Art Howard at Night
The Big Orange Slide

  1. Samantha D 13 years ago

    I googled “Guitar Hero Chick” and up pops your page! I must say, I stalked it for about an hour reading through old and new blogs and it is very good to see a similiar person! ;D

  2. netik 13 years ago

    What, only 50 shows a year? I do that in a month.

    Okay okay, I admit, I work in the nightclub industry, but…

  3. HandStamp 12 years ago

    I love the metal detector on your page… you rock.

  4. Billt 12 years ago

    Great reviews. Live music rules. Good for you for recovering from George Strait.

  5. Samantha 12 years ago

    Hey props to you! I love hard rock and wish i had the time and money to do this! Ill be at Slayer and Manson 07/11!

  6. FlorioPhoto 10 years ago

    So you’ve never worked at the Hard Rock? And here I thought you did!

  7. Yoyorocks 10 years ago

    Love Ya Lots HRC!!! See You In A Few Days….My heart &soul goes out 2the woman that raised you,The 1who made you, and the 1who will always love you & watch out 4U from above…R.I.P. "Mom" ….Much Love, Yo sista from anuthu muthu Yo-Yo

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