Top 5 ways to learn about new music

1. Go to see bands you admire, and come early to see the openers. Usually artists are put together for a reason, and if you like the main act, there’s a chance you’ll like an opener.

2. Myspace. It can be very hit or miss. Add your favorite bands to your profile, and see who starts friend requesting you. Add venues and promoters you like as well.

3. Pandora. Create an online radio station that revolves around a band you already like. Better yet, as you listen, you can provide feedback on who you like, thus further defining your preference.

4. Music blogs, via Hype Machine. There are so many music blogs out there. Hype Machine aggregates them. The main focus is to get you direct access to all of the blogs covering a certain band, and leading straight to an mp3. But it also lists the most blogged about bands, and the most popular blogs. It even ties in YouTube clips to your searches.

5. Friends. If you aren’t on top of the latest greatest new thing, there’s a good chance you have a friend that is. Get weekly reports from them. Tell them what you like and get suggestions. It’s pretty simple.

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