rockumentaries: Ramones—-Raw

The Ramones are a band that I should know more about. I was mildly familiar with their cultural cache, their influence, their movement…but I never understood the magnitude of it until I saw Ramones—–Raw. The Ramoniacs, the fashion, the singing stance- it’s all there. The Ramones are part geek rock, part reluctant rock stars, part rebel, and part punk kings. Their sound- that unmistakable bouncy beat, deck eating the tape sound, and megaphone vocals captivated a generation. It’s weird, huh? It doesn’t sound appealing, but The Ramones represent a snapshot of a subculture. The punks- dressed in the Ramone’s uniform- ripped shirts, torn jeans, keds or chuck taylors, and a rocker jacket. And the hair- you can never forget the hair.

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    Vincent Chase could have played a great Joey Ramone!

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