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Bob Schneider @ The Independent, 6/7/07

I’ve seen 2 Austin bands in a row at The Independent. I’m in full blown homesick mode.

The opener was Jenny Owen Youngs, a young singer songwriter with a tear envoking voice. I have continued admiration for these solo stage artists, even if I hate them, and especially if I love them. Witty banter aside, she was all acoustic, which is a rarity for me since leaving the ATX. And finishing up with he own rendition of Nelly’s ‘Hot In Here’….brilliant.

And then there was Bob. I’ll have to admit, while I walk around peddling Austin to anyone who’ll listen, I don’t recall ever seeing Bob when I lived there. I don’t know how this has happened….I liken it to my never having sen Tool or Radiohead yet. It’s something I’m working on.

Anyway, Bob Schneider is best described as the highest class wedding singer ever to grace the concert circuit stage. Now, I say this because he plays everything. Rock, something that sounds like indie rap, psychedelic space out music, and tropical Mexican sing alongs. This is combination only bred by Austin eclecticisim. It’s the type of music that draws a truly varied crowd: financial district types with a laptop bag strapped to them who barely made it coming from work, hippie chicks with patchouli and pot, rocker dudes looking for a mellow night out. Bob plays ferociously…rarely stealing a sip of water between his vocally strenuous songs. And he plays for keeps- 2 hours in and I had to leave….these weeknight shows.

Seeing Bob Schneider is like something you could see with your family if they were cool. It’s genre breaking and innovative, and that is a rarity today.


    There she goes.
    Under the moonlight.
    Under the sun.
    Tarantula! (pump clawed-fist into the air)

    Loved your review and description of Bob Schneider in general. I’m going to his show tonight in San Diego.


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