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Incubus @ The Greek, 7/14/07

This might (hopefully) be the shortest and least detailed live show review that you get from the HardRockChick. Due to a combo of factors: being unfamiliar with the Greek theater, taking the train which took way longer than expected, walking much longer than expected, and having to stop for dinner, caused us to be late to the show.

Walking in to an already launched set by the main act at the Greek is a bit unnerving. An entirely GA show at a venue of this size is not the kind of thing you want to be late to. Good luck finding a place to stand where you won’t quickly be ushered to move by the perpetually policing NES staff at this venue. There are white lines you have to park yourself behind. I was asked while sipping my beer “if I had a wristband for that”. A guy who lit up a cigarette beside me was called “smoker!” by a guard and forced to move away from the crowd in order to finish. This is an outdoor venue, by the way.

That said, the steep incline of the seats coupled with the sheer capacity makes for a visually stunning venue, for which the Greek is a perfect choice of names. And when filled with an excitable crowd of Berkeley students, the roar of the crowd here can be as loud on the ears as the high notes on the guitar.

Incubus, from the seven songs or so that I was able to witness, was everything I expected. Pure sound, enthusiastic fans who knew every word, and girls going gaga for lead singer, Brandon, and his signature bowler hat. They had a pretty crazy light set up, and at one point Brandon picked up two spot lights and took turns shining them on each of the band members and then the audience.

Perhaps next time Incubus comes to The Warfield, I can give them the review they deserve.

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