Depeche Mode: 101

Depeche Mode is just one of those bands that has never really waned in success- they’ve never had a shit album, a bad tour, or an embarrassing bad press moment. And what a documentary- to be a fan in the late ’80s and win a contest to travel around on a bus and go to a bunch of DM shows! The fashion is something else, too. These were the kids that were too cool for Madonna but kinda copied her style anyways. There’s great performance footage and interviews. It’s one of those rare docs that helps you somewhat comprehend how difficult it is to be a band on tour. Watch it.


    I just love the clip they show with the cell phones. I want one of those just to display!

    His voice really just shoots to the core of me. Still to this day, it’s magnetic and emotional and dark. Plus he’s still got a great pelvic thrust!

    Oh yeah. Next time they come around we are so there.

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