HRC loves NIN

Year Zero, the TV show…aka, HRC's dream come true?

I am currently NIN starved. Seriously, I haven’t seen TR in person in almost a year, and I feel anemic.

So, as all of these craptastic sites start reporting that a YZ TV show is in the works, I largely ignore it, you know, since the whole Russian incident. I mean, TR said YZ is a soundtrack- but we all know TV is too low brow for him, right? I mean….I was thinking it might be the soundtrack to Halo 3 or something.

Also, having been a long time David Lynch devotee, and thinking about how well Lost Highway came together as a soundtrack, I could see YZ, the movie. It’s a two hour, uninterrupted piece of work that could potentially fit with TR’s usual control freak work ethic.

I also think it’s interesting how quickly JJ Abrams name came up when this was announced. Setting my botched ARG/Cloverfield experience aside, Abrams work on Lost is, perhaps, the only person working in TV that seems capable of handling a project like this (unless Lynch came back to do TV). It’d have to be on HBO, SHO, or IFC.

The thought of having something new to devour that is NIN related on a weekly basis makes me very very happy. I remain skeptical that we will see this come to fruition, but a girl can dream.

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