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Rock Lit: Heart-Shaped Box

Heart-Shaped Box: A Novelis written by Joe Hill, the pen name for none other than Stephen King’s son. Having been a huge Nirvana fan back in the day, I’ll have to admit I was immediately intrigued. A horror novel about a rock star? I’m in.

The story follows Jude Coyne, a fifty-something, semi retired singer/guitarist, who has played in a metal band and then had a successful solo career after his bandmates died off in true rocker style. He’s had a rough life: abusive family, messy divorce, the usual. He collects goth girlfriends and dark memorabilia- such a a snuff film. He gets a letter offering him a suit to purchase for his collection- that comes with a ghost. From there, all hell breaks lose.

This book really sucked me in- I loved the music references subtly hidden throughout. His dogs are named Bon and Angus (the original AC/DC members). I also loved the overt references- hey, any book that mentions Trent Reznor/NIN in the first chapter is golden with me.

The book also creeped me out. There’s some pretty sick stuff in there. I think it’d be great material for a movie (apparently the rights have already been bought).

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