The Hard Rock Chick Wants to Know: What goes through your head before you go on stage?

There’s always been something about watching a band walk out on stage to see their audience that really gets me intrigued. I think part of it is my excitement for being there, about to hear them do their thing. Another part of it is me trying to imagine what that must feel like.

So, I decided to ask some folks:

What goes through your head before you go on stage?

“There’s just one thing we think about before we murder cows: J.U.I.C.Y. B.A.D.U.S.S.Y.”




Felix,Tokyo Decadence


Lance, Land Shark

“I really hope I don’t piss on myself tonight.”

Natron, Trans Am


    HA! Did you see Hot Tub open for Willpower?… it was my first time.. I love them. .

    […] Trans Am is a fantastic choice of opener for Tool, though their set was entirely too short. All I know is that I can’t wait for them to come back to SF, to a nice small venue that they’ll blow the doors off of. The crowd seemed to appreciate it, hopefully abating any fears that went though their heads before going on stage. […]

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