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Not your grandma's cruise

Goth Cruise. I found this on the VNV Nation MySpace page.

Well, the ship’s not black, but I doubt you’ll see an Hawaiian shirts in this crowd. Its sails from New York to Bermuda. It has a heavy music focus- with the last two cruises featuring band ‘hosts’ that record a special Goth Cruise CD compilation just for the participants.

Goth Cruise has been going on since 1989, and seems to have a documentary about it in progress.

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    Just as a heads up, these are 2 seperate events. One gothIC cruise is going out of Miami Oct 7th and “featuring” NVN nation. The Goth cruise will be heading out of New Jersey on Oct 21 and will have a documentury.

    Neither is associated with the other.

    Hey, just a heads-up – the Goth Cruise ( that’s being featured in the documentary is not the same as the (non-) event being billed as the “Gothic Cruise” that VNV was associated with (and which has never sailed, despite assertions to the contrary – nobody has ever admitted to being on it, has posted pictures, or anything… whereas the Goth Cruise folks won’t shut up about what a good time it is.

    Just wanted to clear that up; there’s some hard feelings on the part of the “legit” event over the bandwagon-jumping propaganda of the non-event.

    We were able to verify through/by Carnival, the that October 6th cruise out of florida was the legitmate cruise, and running longer. since 1989. We had a fab time, and have rebooked for 2008 with combichrist, deepest symphony and red flag, and vnv nation is coming back just to dj.

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